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Spiral steel pipe process
Oct 28, 2016

(1) raw materials that coil, wire, flux. In the input before going through rigorous physical and chemical tests.

(2) head-to-tail docking, the use of single-wire or double-wire submerged arc welding, rolled into steel after the adoption of automatic submerged arc welding.

(3) Before forming, the strip after the flattening, cutting edge, planing, surface cleaning and transportation to the bending treatment.

(4) the use of electrical contact pressure gauge control the pressure on both sides of the conveyor cylinder pressure to ensure the smooth transport of strip.

(5) the use of external control or internal control roller molding.

(6) the use of weld gap control device to ensure that the welding gap to meet the welding requirements, diameter, the wrong amount of margin and weld gap are strictly controlled.

(7) within the welding and welding are used in the United States Lincoln welding machine for single or double wire submerged arc welding, in order to obtain a stable welding specification.

(8) Welded welds have been through the line of continuous automatic ultrasonic inspection instrument to ensure that the 100% of the spiral weld nondestructive testing coverage. If there are defects, automatic alarm and spray marks, so the production workers at any time to adjust the process parameters, the timely elimination of defects.

(9) the use of air plasma cutting machine will cut into a single pipe.