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Corrosion-resistant Steel Pipe

Corrosion-resistant steel pipes are a key component of heat exchangers used in the chemical, oil and gas processing and power generation industries. Corrosion-resistant steel pipe refers to a steel pipe that has been treated by anti-corrosion technology and can effectively prevent or slow down the corrosion phenomenon caused by chemical or electrochemical reaction during transportation and use.
In addition to improving the service life of corrosion-resistant steel pipes, anti-corrosion steel pipes are widely used in long-distance water transportation, petroleum, chemical, natural gas, heat, sewage treatment, water sources, bridges, steel structures, marine water pumping and other pipeline engineering fields.
The corrosion-resistant steel pipe coating structure we provide is compact, waterproof and penetrating, and has strong adhesion. The corrosion-resistant steel pipe combines the mechanical strength of the steel pipe with the corrosion resistance of the plastic. It is worth noting that the product should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place, isolated from sources of ignition and away from heat.
Welcome to buy high quality corrosion-resistant steel pipe from WANLEI - one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our corrosion-resistant steel pipe comes in high quality, high strength, and competitive price. We have introduced advanced facilities and a set of testing system, please rest assured to buy.
1. The outer wall coating is thick, scratch resistant and bump resistant.
2. The inner wall friction coefficient is small, reducing energy consumption.
3. The inner wall is smooth and not easy to scale, and has a self-cleaning function.
4. High temperature resistance, low maintenance cost, and no interaction with various materials.
5. Coating: hot dipped galvanized (300g/m2~610g/m2), pre-galvanized (60-150g/m2), 3LPE (DIN30670, GB/T23257...), 3PP, FBE, inorganic zinc powder, Epoxy zinc yellow primer , etc.
Widely used in thermal equipment, machinery industry, petroleum, geological drilling, chemical industry and other fields.
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