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Stainless Steel Pipes TP304, TP316, TP316L

Tianjin Wanlei Steel Pipe Co., Ltd provides high quality ASTM A312, ASTM A269, GB/T 14976, EN 10216, JIS G3463 Seamless and welded Stainless Steel Pipes for customers.


Seamless and welded Stainless Steel Pipes

Available Size
(1) Stainless seamless steel pipe
     Outer diameter: 6mm~630mm;
     Wall thickness: 0.5mm~40mm
(2) Stainless welded steel pipe
     Outer diameter: 6mm~2300mm;
     Wall thickness: 0.5mm~70mm

Standard of Seamless and welded Stainless Steel Pipes






GB/T 14976

A/SA 312  A/SA 249




GB/T 14975

A/SA 213  A/SA 554




GB  13296

A/SA 269  A/SA 928


GB/T 12459

A/SA 789  A/SA 815

GB/T 12771

A/SA 790  A/SA 403

Equipment for manufacturing Seamless and welded Stainless Steel Pipes

     Designed by China United Engineering Corporation, more better than gas furnace. No suspended solid particles, uniform heating, avoidance overheating, keep the temperature within the limits of +-5?.
All controlled by computer, automatic recording, completely operated according to technological procedure.
    Utilizing the waste-heat for pipe lubrication and pipe drying, also heating for the picking bath and hot water bath.
    Weak reductive atmosphere can be controlled, less and thinner oxide skin. Nature gas burns sufficiently. Save energy and reduce carbon emission.

    Picking treatment system designed by Scanacon. Checking the acid strength automaticly, adding or reducing the acid strength timely, avoidance of overpickling and underpickling.
    Hermitic environment,the pipe is fixed, acid circulates around the pipe continually, filter the oxide skin while pickling. Quality of pickling is more higher.
    With the waste acid treatment system, reducing the acid consumption. Zero release of waste acid, no acid fog inside, more environmentally friendly and healthier.

Surface finish
Annealed, pickled and polishing as required

Packing and delivery

1.plastic caps for both ends

2.Seaworthy wooden case/ steel framed plywood case/ simple packing depending on products ??.jpg


Seamless and welded Stainless Steel Pipes has been widely used in the petrochemical, industry, energy, paper, machinery, pharmaceutical, food and environmental protection, marine engineering, bio engineering and other fields.  
                   Fluid pipe                                      Petrochemical chemical

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