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Specification for Steel Pipe
Oct 28, 2016

(1) Specifications: Spiral steel pipe specifications should be specified in the import and export trade contracts. Generally include the standard grades (type code), the nominal diameter of steel, nominal weight (quality), the length of the provisions of the above indicators and the tolerance value of the items. China's standard recommended diameter of 8,10,12,16,20,40 mm spiral pipe series. Length of the supply length of time and two kinds of times. China's export length selection of screw length 6 ~ 12m, the Japanese selection of the length of screw steel selection range of 3.5 ~ 10m.

(2) the appearance of quality: ① surface quality. Relevant standards on the surface quality of the provisions of the rebar, requiring the end should be cut straight, the surface shall not have cracks, scarring and folding, there shall be no harmful defects in use; The requirements for rebar bending and rebar geometries are specified in the relevant standards. Such as the provisions of the standard, straight bar bending is not greater than 6mm / m, the total bending is not greater than 0.6% of the total length of steel.