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Galvanized Steel Pipe

Galvanized steel pipes are welded steel pipes with hot dip or electrogalvanized layers on the surface. The galvanized pipe is a combination of a molten metal and an iron matrix to produce an alloy layer, thereby combining the substrate and the plating.
The galvanized steel pipe matrix and the molten plating solution undergo complex physical and chemical reactions to form a corrosion-resistant structure of a zinc-iron alloy layer. The alloy layer is integrated with the pure zinc layer and the steel pipe base, so it has strong corrosion resistance. Galvanized steel pipes are widely used in various industries. The advantage of using galvanized steel pipes is to protect the internal steel structure by using metal zinc which forms a dense oxide protective layer in the air.
The galvanized steel pipe welding adopts the correct welding process in the construction, strictly checks and accepts according to the specifications, and timely performs the anti-corrosion treatment of the weld after the welding is completed. Galvanized steel pipe has certain feasibility in the process of air-conditioning open and closed system construction. It can increase the construction speed and improve the tightness of the pipe connection.
Galvanized steel pipe is a powerful and versatile product for many projects. Durable in any weather conditions. Available in a variety of sizes and colors upon request. The galvanized steel pipe is washed with acid and immersed in a molten zinc bath. It is highly resistant to corrosion, making it the perfect choice for materials that come into contact with components on a regular basis.
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1. High strength, high toughness, good corrosion resistance.
2. Good weldability and cold forming properties.
3. Uniform coating, strong adhesion and long service life.
4. Zinc plating can increase the corrosion resistance of steel pipes and prolong their service life.
Widely used in construction, machinery, chemicals, automotive industry, roads, bridges, containers, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery and other industries.
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