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DIN30670 PE Coating Pipe

PE coating pipe can be used in soil or water. The special type coating are suitable for continuous service temperatures up to 70 ℃. We supply normal type and special type 3LPE coating steel pipes to customers.


DIN30670 PE coating pipe

1. What is 3LPE?

    3LPE means 3-Layer Polyethylene.

    Subsequent to pipe heating, coating consisting of following layers shall be applied onto the pipe.

    i. Electrostatic application of epoxy powder of minimum dry film thickness 0.150 mm, unless otherwise specified. The maximum thickness shall not exceed the epoxy thickness specified by epoxy powder manufacturer. The pipe shall be at earth potential and the epoxy powder charged to high potential. The bevel ends of pipes shall be protected against contaminations with coating material during the coating application.

    ii. Grafted co-polymer adhesive application by extrusion, minimum thickness 0.200 mm.

    iii. Polyethylene/Polypropylene application by extrusion.

    The coated pipe shall be subsequently quenched and cooled in water for a period that shall sufficiently lower the temperature of pipe coating to permit handling and inspection.



2. Inspection of 3LPE coating on pipes


    All pipes shall be checked for external and internal contamination by items such as oil, grease, temporary coating, chlorides or other substances which may affect the blast cleaning process/plant.



3. The production process for 3LPE coating


    Internal coating内部3PE过程.jpg


    External coating



4. Inspection

    After production, the inspection will be arranged in our factory. There are some items in testing process

    a. 3LPE coating thickness



    b. Leakage test



5. Packing for steel pipes coated 3LPE

    All pipes are packaged by non-woven fabrics bags. And they are loaded into wooden cases.



6. DIN30670


Nominal size of pipe

minimum thickness of normal(n)
coating,in mm

minimum thickness of

reinforced (v) type coating,in mm

Up to DN100



Over DN 100 up to DN250



Over DN 250 to below DN500



From DN500 to below DN800



From DN800



Along any 1m length of pipe,the coating thickness may be up to 10% less than the minimum required,provided the thinner area does not cover more than 5cm².

The ends of pipes less than DN500 in size shall be free from adhesive over a length  of 50mm,those of a least DN 500 in size,over a length of 100mm,unless otherwise specified by the purchaser.

The length of uncoated pipe ends shall not exceed 150mm.unless otherwise specified by the purchaser.

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