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ASTM A106 Seamless Steel Pipe

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ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe

The process flow of ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe

A. hot rolled seamless steel pipe

Billet inspection---acid washing, cleaning---cutting---visual inspection---scraping---visual re-inspection---centering---heating---piercing---pipe rolling---sizing---cooling---reheating---stretch reducing---cooling---straightening---ends cutting---visual inspection---electromagnetic; eddy current testing---drifting---hydraulic testing---weighing and length measurement---marking and packing---weighing and warehousing---shipment

B. cold drawn seamless steel pipe

Billet inspection---acid washing, cleaning---cutting---inspection---scraping---inspection---heating---piercing---pipe rolling---head driving---inspection---repairing---acid washing, washing, phosphorize---re-inspection---repairing---saponify---cold drawing---middle cutting---head driving(head rolling)---annealing---straightening---ends cutting---inspection---nondestructive inspection---hydraulic testing---marking and packing---weighing and warehousing---shipment

Grade of ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe

There are A, B, C in ASTM A106 standard. 

composition, %Grade AGrade BGrade C
C, max(1)0.250.300.35
P, S, max0.0350.0350.035
Si, min0.10
Cr, max(2)
Cu, max(2)0.40
Mo, max(2)0.15
Ni, max(2)0.40
V, max(2)0.08
Tensile strength, min, MPa330
Yield strength, min, MPa205240275
Elongation, min, %35

(1) For each reduction of 0.01% below the specified C maximum, and increase of 0.06% Mn above the specified maximum will be permitted up to a maximum of 1.35%.

(2) These five elements combined shall not exceed 1%.

Product show of ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe


Outer diameter: DN6-DN900

Wall thickness: sch10-schXXS

ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe 4 pic.jpg

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