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JIS G3464 Steel Tubes For Low Temperature Service

JIS G3464 Steel Tubes For Low Temperature Service

This Japanese industrial standard standard secifies the steel tubes,heseinafter referred to as the "tubes",used for the purpose of exchanging heat on the inside and outside of the tube at exceptionally low temperatures below freezing point,such as heat exchanger tubes,condenser tubes,etc.


JIS G3464 steel tubes for low temperature service

Heat Treatment

Symbol of classHeat treatment
STBL 380Normalizing or normalizing and successive tempering
STBL 450
STBL 690Double normalizing and successive tempering or quenching and tempering

Chemical composition

Symbol of 


chemical composition %
STBL 3800.25 max0.35 max1.35 max0.035 max0.035 max-
STBL 4500.18 max0.10-0.350.30-0.600.030 max0.030 max3.20-3.80
STBL 6900.13 max0.10-0.350.90 max0.030 max0.030 max8.50-9.50

Mechanical properties

Symbol of classTensile strength(N/mm²)

Yield point or proof stress


Elongation %


diameter 20mm or



 diameter10mm or over to and excl 20mm


diameter under 10mm

No.11 test 

piece No.12 

test piece

No.11 test


No.11 test 


STBL 380382 min206 min35 min30 min27 min
STBL 450451 min245 min30 min25 min22 min
STBL 690686 min520 min21 min16 min13 min

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