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Steel Pipe

Steel pipes are produced in one of two ways to produce seamless or welded products. Welcome to buy high quality steel pipe from WANLEI - one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our steel pipe comes in high quality, high strength, and competitive price. We have introduced advanced facilities and a set of testing system, please rest assured to buy.
Steel pipes are not only used to transport fluids and powdered solids, exchange heat, manufacture mechanical parts and containers, but are also an economical steel. The use of steel pipes to manufacture building structure grids, pillars and mechanical supports can reduce weight, save 20-40% of metal, and achieve mechanized construction. The use of steel pipes to manufacture highway bridges not only saves steel and simplifies construction, but also greatly reduces the area of ​​the protective coating and saves investment and maintenance costs.
Steel pipes can replace some profiles and bars. Steel pipes are cylindrical tubes made of steel and are the most used products in the steel industry. The main use of steel pipes is to transport products over long distances, including oil, natural gas and water. Common household appliances such as refrigerators use steel pipes, as well as heating and piping systems. Steel pipes are available in a variety of sizes and can also be used for structural requirements such as handrails and pipe guards.
1. Material: ASTM A106 Gr.B/C, API 5L B/X42/X52/X56/X60/X70, API 5CT, ASTM A179, A192, ASTM A213, ASTM A210, ASTM A500, ASTM A335, 10#, 20#, 45#, Q235, Q345, STPG370/STPT370, STPG410, SGP, EN10025, EN10210, DIN1629.
2. Produced in a mill with reduced draw to ensure a standardized tube throughout the body.
3. The inner wall is very smooth, self-lubricating, no rust, no scaling, and low fluid resistance.
4. Excellent mechanical strength The mechanical strength of steel pipes has a strong bearing capacity against impact, bending, pressure and external forces.
1. Daily use: water, gas pipes, oil pipelines, agricultural irrigation pipes and sprinkler pipes.
2. Thermal equipment: boiling water pipes for boilers, superheated steam pipes, etc.
3. Mechanical industry. Automotive axle tubes, axle tubes, oil cooler tubes, transformer tubes, and bearing tubes.
4. Petroleum geological drilling industry: oil drilling pipes, petroleum oil pipes, oil casings and various pipe joints.
5. Chemical industry: stainless acid-resistant pipes, and pipes for transporting chemical media.