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The steel pipe is classified according to the sectional shape
Oct 28, 2016

Steel products with a variety of steel specifications are numerous, the performance requirements are also a variety of. All of which should be distinguished by changes in user requirements or working conditions. Typically, steel products by cross-sectional shape, production methods, pipe materials, connections, coating characteristics and use of classification.

Steel pipe according to the cross-sectional shape can be divided into: round steel and special-shaped steel pipe.

Shaped steel pipe is a variety of non-circular cross-section of the steel pipe. The main are: square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, flat oval tube, semi-circular tube, hexagonal tube, hexagonal inner tube, unequal hexagonal tube, equilateral triangle tube, pentagonal tube, octagonal tube, convex Shaped pipe, double convex pipe. Double-concave tube, multi-concave tube, melon-shaped tube, flat tube, diamond tube, star tube, parallelogram tube, ribbed tube, drop tube, inner fin tube, twisted tube, B-tube, D Type tube and multi-layer tube.

Steel pipe according to the longitudinal section shape is divided into: section steel and variable cross-section steel pipe. Variable cross-section (or variable cross-section) refers to the pipe along the pipe length in the cross-sectional shape, internal and external diameter and wall thickness of the occurrence of periodic or non-cyclical changes in the steel pipe. The main are: outside the cone-shaped tube, the tapered pipe, the outer staircase, the staircase tube, periodic section of the tube, bellows, spiral pipe, with a heat pipe and the pipe with a double line.