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ERW Steel Pipe Coating Zinc Phosphate Pigment

ERW Steel Pipe Coating Zinc Phosphate Pigment

ERW steel pipe, JIS G3452 SGP ERW steel pipe, JIS G3454 STPG370 ERW steel pipe, JIS G3457 STPY400 steel pipe coating zinc phosphate pigment.


ERW steel pipe coating zinc phosphate pigment

steel pipe related standard and steel grade


JIS G3454 STPG370

JIS G3457 STPY400

Manufacture process

-The pipes shall be manufactured by straight seam welding. The internal and external surfaces of the pipes shall be smoothly. 

-The pipes shall be tested in accordance with standard, and satisfy the heat analysis values in standard.

-The pipes and the weld of pipes shall be tested in accordance with standard and the tensile strength, yield point or proof stress and elongation shall be comply with standard. The heights of inner and outer weld beads shall be measured from the surface of the adjacent steel pipes. The permissible weld height shall be given in standard.

-The pipes shall be tested in accordance with standard, and their hydrostatic test characteristics and nondestructive test characteristics shall satisfy either of the followings.

--a) Hydrostatic test characteristics The pipes, when subjected to the minimum hydrostatic test pressure of 2.5 MPa, shall withstand the pressure without leakage.

--b) Nondestructive test characteristics For the ultrasonic examination characteristics, there shall be no signal equivalent to or greater than the signal from the reference standard of reference sample of Category UY specified in standard.

-The outside diameter, wall thickness and unit mass of pipes shall be in accordance with standard. The tolerances on outside diameter and wall thickness of pipes must be accordance with standard. The measure of outside diameter, thickness and length shall be conducted before shipment.

-Each pipe having passed the inspection shall be marked with the following information. The order of markings is not specified. A part of the following items may be omitted as agreed between the purchaser and the manufacturer as far as the product can be still identified.

--a) Symbol of grade

--b) Dimensions The dimensional marking shall consist of the nominal diameter and wall thickness, or outside diameter and wall thickness. Example: 400Ax6.4 or 406.4x6.4

--c) Manufacturer's name or its identifying brand

-Unless otherwise specified at the time of order, the manufacturer shall submit an inspection document to the purchaser.

Painting zinc phosphate pigment process

-Surface preparation: 

To secure lasting adhesion to the subsequent product all surfaces shall be clean, dry and free from any contamination. The surface treatment class: Sa 2½ (ISO 8501-1)

-Application methods:

The product can be applied by

Spray: Use airless spray.

Brush: Recommended.

Roller: May be used for small areas. Not recommended for first primer coat. Care must be taken to achieve the specified dry film thickness.

Finished products ERW steel pipe coating zinc phosphate pigment


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