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Tubular Products And Applications

Boiler tubes, Line pipes, OCTG, Pipes for general structural use, Pipes for machine structural use, Material pipes, Square pipes. Tubular Products and Applications


Tubular Products and Applications

Tubular Product types

Boiler tubes

Line pipes


Pipes for general structural use

Pipes for machine structural use

Material pipes

Square pipes etc

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Applications of tubular product

1. Energy-related Tubular Products

①Boiler and heat transmission use

Boiler water tubes, flue pipes, superheat tubes, Heat exchangers

②Oil country tubular goods(OCTG)

Casing and tubing for oil wells

③Line pipe

Line pipe for transportation of oil, gas, etc.


Geothermal power generation, nuclear power

2.Machine Structural Use and Material Piping

①Automobile parts

Shafts, rods, frames, cylinders, exhaust manifolds, etc.

②Industrial machinery and transportation equipment parts

Cylinders, bushes, frames, etc.


Scuba diving tanks

3.General Piping

①Water works

City water and sewerage piping, industrial water piping

②Gas piping

Gas lead tubes, gas feed/ support pipe


Plant piping, office building air conditioning piping, Low temperature piping

4. Civil Engineering and Construction

①Steel pipe pile, steel pipe sheet pile

Bridge foundations, building foundations, quays, revetments, breakwaters, Steel pipe piles for landslide prevention (mechanical screw), etc.

②General structural and architectural structural use

Buildings (square column), steel towers, scaffolding, supporting columns, etc.


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