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Steel Pipe Coating With Dual Layer FBE

Steel Pipe Coating With Dual Layer FBE

For higher request of coating, Tianjin Wanlei Steel pipe Co., Ltd can supply steel pipe coated dual layer FBE to customers. Dual Layer FBE provides excellent adhesion to steel, providing superior long term corrosion resistance.


steel pipe coating with dual layer FBE

Description of product

Dual Layer Abrasion Resistant FBE Systems provide excellent properties for a variety of service applications which may include directional drilling and anti-abrasion for road and river crossings, and elevated temperatures in wet environments and anti-slip applications.



oil & gas pipelines

large diameter pipelines

small diameter pipelines

waterworkd pipelines

Related Standards and Specifications

CSA Z245.20

ISO 9001


Diameter: 3.5"~48" (101.6mm~1219.2mm)

Length: 5.5m~13m

Handling & construction temperature: -30℃~110℃

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