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Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

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Seamless carbon steel pipe

We carry a full inventory of carbon steel pipe products in a variety of sizes to meet the structural piping requirements for applications the water, petroleum, oil & gas and other industries. Carbon steel pipe can be structural in nature or used in fluid, gas, oil transmission. We carry carbon steel piping in A500, A53, A106 and A252.The grade indicates the testing methods required for a given application. It is critical that structural grades of carbon steel pipe not be used for pressure or fluid applications. Here are some of the products that we offer:

ASTM A500 seamless carbon steel pipe

A500 steel pipes can be subjected to most of the usual fabricating operations. Ductility is good. It bends well, flattens, cuts, punches, flares and flanges easily, and can be welded by the commonly-used techniques and practices.

Common uses for ASTM A500 pipe include hand rails, posts, storage racks, displays, furniture, etc.

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ASTM A106 seamless carbon steel pipe

ASTM A106 pipe is always produced by the seamless method and can be bent, coiled and flanged. In sizes less than 2" is it usually produced as a cold drawn product. 2" and up are usually hot finished.

A106 pipe is intended for use in high temperature applications.

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ASTM A252 seamless carbon steel pipe

A252 pipe is a welded and seamless pipe for piling.

The steel cylinder acts as a permanent load carrying member or as a shell to form cast–in–place concrete piles.

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ASTM A53 seamless carbon steel pipe

Designed for coiling, bending and flanging, A53 carbon steel pipe is suitable for welding. The grades denote certain chemical and mechanical properties and should be noted in selection.

ASTM A53 pipe is intended for mechanical and pressure applications and is also acceptable for ordinary uses in steam, water, gas and air lines.

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