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Special Steel Pipe

Special Steel Pipe

Tianjin Wanlei Steel Pipe Co., Ltd can supply special steel pipe to you. Outside diameter range:15.9-114.3mm, wall thickness range:1.5-13.0mm. Welcome to receive your inquiry.


Special steel pipe

Description of special steel pipe

In producing special steel pipes, Tianjin Wanlei Steel Pipe Co., Ltd takes advantage of the respective material properties of carbon steel, alloy steel, and other materials, and performs heat treatment, finishing processing, and inspections as required by the intended use, making full use of leading-edge technologies.

Special steel pipe is a field that has enjoyed large demand in recent years. Among these products, Tianjin Wanlei Steel Pipe Co., Ltd is responding to the need for longer boiler tubes of the 22 m, in length.

Tianjin Wanlei Steel Pipe Co., Ltd has established a totally reliable quality assurance system in which inspections are performed using three types of non-destructive inspection devices, magnetic leakage flux testing (MLFT), ultrasonic testing (UT), and eddy current testing (ET).

Product types

Carbon steel pipe, alloy steel pipe

Boiler tubes, steel pipes for machine structural use, pipes for various piping applications

capacity: 60,000 ton each year

Product dimensions: Outside diameter --- 15.9-114.3mm

                                  Wall thickness --- 1.5-13.0mm

                                  Length --- 22.3m

Special steel pipe production process

special steel pipe process.png

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