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What Is Galvanizing
Jul 19, 2018

Galvanization is the process by which zinc is coated over corrosive (easily rusted) metals. Galvanizing involves coating corrosive metals, such as steel and iron, with a non-corrosive metal. The process of galvanizing, not only protects from corrosion of various ‘soft metals’ but also adds strength of the original, uncoated metal. Apparently, galvanized metal is thicker than the uncoated metal and so fittings and fastenings are generally measured with the additional galvanizing layer height specs in mind. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specifications provide guidelines for the thickness of galvanized metals based on the underlying metal and the type of application. Galvanization refers to any of several electrochemical (branch of chemistry that studies chemical reaction which take place in a solution) processes named after the Italian scientist Luigi Galvani. Now the term generally refers to an electro deposition (electroplating) process used to add a thin layer of another metal to a ferrous substrate, in order to prevent rusting.

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