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Steel Pipe Coating Yellow Jacket

Steel Pipe Coating Yellow Jacket

Tianjin Wanlei Steel Pipe Co., Ltd can supply seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe coating yellow jacket to you.Pipes coating yellow jacket can be used in the oil and gas and waterworks industries


Steel pipe coating yellow jacket

Product Description

Yellow Jacket provides external protection for pipe used in the oil and gas and waterworks industries where moderate operating temperatures and good handling capabilities are required. 

Yellow Jacket consists of a continuous sheath of high density polyethylene extruded over a rubberized asphalt adhesive.

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Oil & gas pipelines

Large diameter pipelines

Small diameter pipelines

Waterworks pipelines

Related Standards and Specifications

CSA Z245.21

ISO 9001


Corrosion, moisture, and soil resistance

• The dual layer system of extruded polyethylene and rubberized asphalt adhesive provides a long term barrier to corrosion and moisture in various soil conditions.

• Pipeline engineers do not have to ensure that soil chemistry is consistent along the length of the pipeline allowing for the use of some native backfill reducing overall project cost.

Handling and impact resistance

• The tough high density polyethylene outer jacket is formulated to protect pipes up to 24” in diameter from machinery handling in storage yards as well as installation on the right of way.

• The outer layer can be varied in thickness to offer greater mechanical protection in very rugged environments. As a result you can expect reduced manpower requirements during installation, a significant reduction in repair costs and inexpensive backfill can be used.

Low Temperature Flexibility

• Yellow Jacket's excellent adhesion to steel pipe allows for field bending in temperatures as low as -30°C while maintaining excellent corrosion resistance properties.

• Engineers have more options when choosing pipeline locations and construction managers are not limited in scheduling installations.

Product Application Process

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