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The Differences Of NPT,PT And G Thread
Aug 21, 2017

1. Standard for pipe threads:

    Pipe thread: it is mainly used to connect the pipe, so that the internal and external threads are closely connected, with both straight pipe and taper pipe.

2. Common pipe thread mainly include the following: NPT, PT, G and so on.
   a.NPT is the abbreviation of National (American) Pipe Thread, belongs to the American standard 60-degree vertebral thread, for North America, GB refer to GB / T12716-1991.
   b.PT (BSPT) is the abbreviation of Pipe Thread, it is 55 degrees sealed round tube thread, belonging to the Wyeth thread family, used in Europe and Commonwealth countries, commonly used in water and gas pipe industry, taper 1:16, GB refer to GB / T7306- 2000. Domestic called ZG.
   c.G is a 55 degree non-threaded sealing tube thread, it is a Wyeth thread family. Mark G for cylindrical threads. GB refer to GB / T7307-2001.

3. The difference between metric thread and inch thread:
    Metric threads are indicated by the pitch, and the US-inch threads are represented by the number of threads per inch.
    Metric thread is 60 degrees equilateral side of the tooth type, the British thread is isosceles 55 degrees tooth type, US-made thread for the waist 60 degrees.
    Metric system is used in metric system.British system for British thread.
People usually used to call thread sizes, one inch equals eight points, and 1/4 inch is 2 points, and so on.
    In addition, there are: ISO-metric thread standard 60 degrees; UN-uniform thread standard 60 degrees; API-American oil pipe thread standard 60 degrees; W-British Wyeth thread standard 55 degrees.