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ASTM A53 Galvanized Steel Pipe

ASTM A53 Galvanized Steel Pipe

Galvanized steel pipe,galvanized coating thickness grade is from 35μm to 100μm (245g/㎡-705g/㎡). We can supply galvanized seamless steel pipe, galvanized welded steel pipe to you.


ASTM A53 galvanized steel pipe

Product introduction of ASTM A53 galvanized steel pipe

Galvanized steel pipes can be made into a strong plumbing or tubing material -- one that resists corrosion from exposure to water or the elements. It has been used used for water-supply pipes or as a strong tubing for outdoor applications.

Galvanized pipe has been coated with a layer of zinc. The zinc provides a barrier against corrosion so that the pipe may be exposed to the outdoor environmental elements. The protective barrier proves equally effective against damage from indoor humidity.

Related standard of galvanized steel pipe

ASTM A123/A123M, ASTM A53/A53M, ASTM A795/A795M, ASTM A865, BS1387......

Production process of galvanized steel pipe


hdg-process 1.png

Delivery, shipment and serving of galvanized steel pipe

Galvanized steel pipes will be stuffed into containers when pipes are finished. The stuffing work is conducted by our experienced driver of forklift. 

galvanized steel pipe stuff into container.jpg


  1.  BS1387 galvanized steel pipe

  2. ASTM A53 Nominal Seamless Steel Pipe

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